The Versatility of Terrazzo

Transform your project with the versatility of terrazzo. Timeless and modern at the same time, the material is an excellent choice for an exclusive design.

February 22, 2024   -  SUBJECT: the-versatility-of-terrazzo


Coverings ETC Eco-Terr® terrazzo samples.

Terrazzo is not a contemporary pattern; in fact, this model of mosaic in the stone itself has existed since ancient Greece. Since then, terrazzo tiles and floors have been made by hand, and it is this detail that makes them unique.  

Terrazzo is timeless and is available in a variety of colors and shades, offering different options for decorating different types of spaces, including commercial spaces. 

The main characteristics of terrazzo 

Terrazzo products are an economical and versatile alternative that can be used in various types of buildings, especially commercial ones. It is also a product that is highly valued for its durability and sustainability.   


Sustainable terrazzo tiles, such as those from Coverings ETC, are made from waste and surplus materials from other buildings or recyclable elements. Currently, there is a large movement by companies and organizations to use technology to faithfully reproduce terrazzo patterns while eliminating artisanal manufacturing.  Regardless of how the terrazzo pattern is produced, it has gained a lot of ground in the industry and has become a popular choice for decorating and cladding residential and commercial spaces. 


Terrazzo from Coverings ETC applied on a bench project.

Design and composition 

A unique feature of terrazzo tiles is the way the product's mosaics are formed. Basically, these patterns are made by combining different types of natural stone, marble, granite and a type of cement paste.   

The random combination of these elements creates the unique and characteristic patterns for which terrazzo is so well known. However, this mixture is not a rule, as there are now companies that work with different types of mixtures, such as quartz, glass, and even shells.  

Variations in manufacturing can result in increasingly exclusive designs and provide even more versatility without sacrificing quality or durability.  What is interesting about this contemporary form of creation is the possibility of working with varied and recyclable materials, creating new uses for products and elements that would previously have been thrown away or simply wasted.   

Another interesting point about the composition of terrazzo is how the marketing of the product has changed over the years. In the past, it was only possible to find modest sizes of this product, but today there are much larger sizes, making it easier to build and complete projects. 

Ways to use Terrazzo 

There are many ways to use Terrazzo, learn about some of these applications: 

  • On the floor: The most common way to use terrazzo is on the floor. Its durability is one of its main characteristics, making it an ideal option for use in places where there is a lot of foot traffic. For this reason, this type of flooring has become a classic in restaurants, cafes, bars and other types of commercial or public spaces.   In the home, terrazzo flooring also began to gain ground, especially in outdoor areas such as backyards, gourmet areas, swimming pools and balconies. However, this has changed and terrazzo floors are now being used in the interior of homes, creating charming and modern spaces. A great option for cold floors, but with a distinctive charm.   
  • On the walls: Another way to use terrazzo flooring is to go beyond the classic and install it on the walls. This style harmonizes with facades, both exterior and interior, and brings a lot of beauty to the space, especially with the variety of colors available.  Create an identity for your business or shop through decoration. Harmonize the terrazzo patterns you choose with other colors and even turn the walls into an extension of your brand.  With so many colors to choose from, decorating won't be monotonous.  
  • Other applications: To go beyond the obvious, the terrazzo pattern can be applied to surfaces other than floors and walls, such as countertops, counters, panels and tables. Create a visual identity for your store or business and add an exclusive design to the project.  


Reception Project with Eco-Terr® on the floor, walls and countertop.

At Coverings ETC, you will find all of these types of applications mentioned in this article. They are modern collections made from recycled materials that are environmentally friendly and enhance the décor. 

Important tip: For coverings to perform well and offer impeccable design, you need to invest in a quality material. There is no other option, which is why at Coverings we work with products with unique and resistant properties, free of epoxies, resins or any type of toxic element that could affect the performance of the product or the health of our customers. 



















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