Eco-Gres® and Innovation in Design: The Future of Sustainable Tiling

At Coverings ETC, we understand that design is not just about aesthetics but also about the planet.

Embracing this change, we present Eco-Gres® Hexagon, an embodiment of quality, resilience, and eco-consciousness in porcelain tile design.

A Palette of Sustainable Possibilities

Eco-Gres® - sustainable tile is not just a tile; it's a statement of responsible luxury with endless colors and textures.

With an emphasis on reducing environmental impact without compromising aesthetics, this collection encourages vibrant mosaics that bring spaces to life.

When Durability Aligns with Sustainability

The strength of Eco-Gres® is undisputed. But what sets it apart is its harmonious blend of durability with sustainability. Crafted with precision, every tile signifies a step towards a greener planet without settling for any less in terms of style.

Where Does Eco-Gres® Shine the Brightest?

Its inherent properties, a testament to its porcelain foundation, make Eco-Gres® ideal for high-demand areas:

  • Bathrooms: Combat moisture and the onslaught of cleaning products with slip- and acid-resistant tiles.
  • Kitchens: From cozy family kitchens to bustling industrial ones, Eco-Gres® stands resilient against daily wear and tear, proving it's worth it time and again.

HPD Certification & Our Commitment

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a commitment. Our Eco-Gres® tiles are HPD (Health Product Declaration) certified, further emphasizing our dedication to transparency and the well-being of our consumers and the planet.

Discover More with Coverings ETC

For a deeper dive into our Eco-Gres® collection, to request samples, or to get acquainted with our range of sustainable products, visit our main page at Coverings ETC website. Our team is always on hand to guide you toward a more sustainable yet stunning design future.






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