Eco-Terr® Tiles Fontana White

Eco-Terr® Fontana White is inspired by the clean lines, classic beauty, and sense of grandeur that Rome's Trevi Fountain exudes. It embodies the timeless elegance and sophistication of this iconic landmark. The crisp, cool white with a touch of warmth is reminiscent of the sun's reflection on the marble surface. Whether used as the main color or as a neutral backdrop, Fontana White adds a touch of timeless beauty and sophistication to any room. 


Technical Specs







Our Future-Friendly™ tiles and slabs come in various colors with aggregates that range from micro to large formats.

Engineered from recycled portland cement, fly ash that has been saved from contaminating waterways, and rare, recycled marble and granite chips from quarries long since closed.

The manufacturing process excludes resins and epoxy, and the product has zero VOCs, which means it supports non-microbial growth and improves air quality.

Eco-Terr® is rectified and calibrated, which makes it easy to install and maintain with a limitless lifecycle.

Manufactured with pre-consumer recycled content may help contribute towards LEED® credits with USGBC project certification. Eco-Terr® is stain, frost, chemical, and fire-resistant; it is proud to be Material Health Grade Certified.

Eco-Terr® has various applications, including flooring, outdoor terrace, pool, pavers, counters, vanities, walls, exterior facades, furniture, and industrial design.

The product offers different finishes, including Honed, Riverwash, and Microlinen (with the highest DCOF in the market).

Standard Finishes: Honed, Riverwash, Microlinen and Polished

Standard Sizes Tiles: 16x16x5/8" and 24x24x3/4"


Available Samples


Eco-Terr Fontana White Sample 2x4x5/8" Honed

Eco-Terr Fontana White Sample 2x4x5/8" Polished

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Eco-Terr Fontana White Sample 8x3x5/8" Honed

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