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Cut Sheets




Installation Guidelines

Bio-Luminum tiles are made of recycled aluminum from aircraft and contain a variety of alloys making them strong and durable.

Prep …

The tiles are beveled on one side and have a straight edge on the other allowing the purchaser to determine which side they would like to face out.
First determine what side is to face out and what pattern (running bond, grid, other). Determine whether the Bio-Luminum™ tiles will be butt jointed or installed with a grout joint.
Clean tiles thoroughly. Use a metal cleaner, rinse and dry before installing.
Clean the substrate free of oils and dirt.

Install …
Cuts are easily made with a tile saw /cutter with a metal cutting wheel and grinder.
Installation can be made with a liberal, thin coating of silicon adhesive. For exterior installation, use a silicon adhesive plus 3M recommends using “VHB” (very high bonding) tape
Tiles are not pre-sealed. Aluminum can tarnish or slightly discolor if not sealed or waxed. There are a variety of metal sealers available and commercial metal wax is also a good sealer. Select the appropriate sealing method for the location of installation. Sealing is not required.
Grouting is optional. Tape the tiles before grouting to speed clean up.